Katarína Pálffy Golden Hall

This real banquet hall - 150 years of history, has eight metres high ceiling, golden stucco decoration and crystal chandelier three metres long. Its adjacent two floor balcony provides this space with bird’s-eye view and elegance. The Golden Hall is suitable for 200 wedding guests.

zlata-sala-katariny-palffy The largest hall in the castle – the GOLDEN HALL KATARÍNA PÁLFFY is really extraordinary. High windows, gold plated decoration and majestic ceilings enable to organize splendour dream weddings. A balcony with arcades belongs to this hall, multiplying the noblesse of the past centuries. The two floor balcony is very variable, offering not only separated seating, but also area for a separate entertainment or background.


People of Pezinok town remember this space as the OPUS Hall, where their songs were recorded by the stars of the Slovak pop scene: Marika Gombitová, Miro Žbirka, and Jožo Ráž.


Area of main part 224 m² 9,6 x 21,7 x 7,15 m
2.part 83 m² 5,5 x 15,25 x 2,85 m
3.part balcony 113 m² 6 x 16,2 x 3,81 m
  • Area of main part 224 m2 +2.part 83m2 + 3.part balcony 97 m2
  • Beamer built-in
  • Screen
  • Sound system built-in
  • Microphone
  • Optical internet
  • Electricity 220 V and 400 V
  • LCD TV
  • Laser pointer
  • Moderator case
  • Speakers desk
  • Flipchart
  • Magnetic board
  • Parquet floor
  • Climatisation
  • Day light
  • Interpreting system - on request
  • Stage - on request

Katarína Pálffy Golden Hall