Unique art of the chef will provide a new dimension to that what in prose is called meals and beverages. Enjoy the delicious experience finalised by extraordinary wines of the CASTLE WINERY in the noble PALFFY RESTAURANT on sunny terrace during agreeable summer meetings, consuming home-made delicacies in the CASTLE TAVERN, or finger food and beverages on the highest castle floor in the PALACE LOUNGE

Palffy restaurant

Fresh, local foodstuff, prepared according to international culinary trends represents the basis for high quality, extraordinary meals. Specialties will be served with noblesse in an elegant restaurant and for guests the premium gastronomy represents a veritable experience.

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Zámocká viecha

Castle tavern. In style environment we prepare simple, classic meals of extraordinary quality. Conscientious home-made cuisine continues the tradition of characteristic delicacies of the past time, respecting the processing of the fresh local foodstuff and in a comfortable atmosphere.

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Palace lounge

Below hundred years old wooden beams of the castle ceiling you will find a charismatic place to sit down or for social skills games. Offer of beverages, peaceful silence and comfortable equipment will speak to you. An ideal place intended not only for meetings but also for undisturbed entertainment.

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